Authors E to J

Authors E to J


Rob Ellis is a UEFA B License soccer coach, and he currently works for Chelsea FC Foundation. He has been coaching junior and adult players for more than 20 years and has worked for professional and semi-professional clubs in the UK. Rob is also a qualified PE teacher and has taught in secondary schools for 12 years. He has a 1st class honors degree in Sport Sciences and studied, played, and coached alongside elite level soccer players. He currently lives in London.

Book: The Soccer Coach’s Toolkit


Tony Englund is a United Soccer Coaches Master Coach and the inaugural Jeff Tipping Award recipient. He is the assistant director of coaching and technical director at Sporting St. Croix Soccer Club in Minneapolis. Tony’s teams have earned more than 500 wins, including multiple state cup and regional championships.

He is the author of more than a dozen soccer coaching books, including best-seller Style and Domination: A Tactical Analysis of FC Barcelona.

Books: Soccer Transition Training: Moving Between Attack and Defence. Soccer:Goalkeeper Training

FAGA, Josh

Josh Faga is the host of “Just Kickin’ It,” a coaching education podcast that has interviewed some of the best coaches in football to help educate coaches around the world. He is the assistant coach and fitness coach at Duquesne University. Josh has completed the Periodization Mentorship through the World Football Academy. He is currently completing his professional coaching license through the Argentine Football Association (AFA). Josh is also a certified strength and conditioning specialist by the International Sports Science Association (ISSA).

Books: Real Giants of Soccer Coaching

FINKE, Andree

After an active career as a professional soccer player, Andree Fincke works as a teacher and trainer at the Eliteschule des Sports Alter Teichweg in Hamburg. He is responsible for the school’s soccer project and is also the chairman of the school soccer committee for Hamburg. Together with Fabian Seeger, he is interested in modern and innovative training content at school, club, association, and talent promotion level in order to inspire players in training and develop talent.

Books: Intelligent Soccer Training


Gabi Flecken teaches Sports and Kinetic Sciences at the University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany. Her focus is climbing as a training program, teaching her students as well as physicians and teachers the numerous possibilities which this sport offers.

Books: Rock Climbing


Barbara Galloway has been a serious runner for years and was on the Florida State women’s track team. Barbara runs practically every day and has competed in over 30 marathons. She has a master’s degree in physical education and conducts running clinics during running vacation retreats at Lake Tahoe and Athens, Greece.

Books: Half Marathon: A Complete Training Guide for Women ;
Women’s Complete Guide to Running


Jeff Galloway was an average teenage runner who kept learning and working harder until he became an Olympian. He is the author of the best-selling running book in North America (Galloway’s Book on Running) and was a Runner’s World columnist for over 20 years, as well as an inspirational speaker for more than 200 running and fitness sessions each year. Galloway is the designer of the walk-run, low-mileage marathon training program, Galloway Run Walk Run (R), that has an over 98% success rate.

Book: Galloway’s Book on Running; Run-Walk-Run Method; Running Until You’re 100: A Guide to Lifelong Running; Half Marathon: A Complete Training Guide for Women; Mental Training for Runners; Running – A Year Round Plan; The Women’s Guide to Health; Nutrition for Runners; Galloway’s 5k/10k Running; Running:Getting Started; Your Personal Journal; Women’s Complete Guide to Running

Facebook: @jeffgallowayfan
Wikipedia: Jeff_Galloway


Aris Gatas is a sports editor and reporter for the state-owned public radio and television broadcaster of Greece, ERT (EPT). He has collaborated as a reporter with several other Greek television stations and the state-owned sports radio station ERA sport 101,8. In 2014 and 2016, he conducted exclusive interviews with Claudio Ranieri on behalf of ERT. Gatas has had exclusive interviews with some of the greatest football players in the world such as Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, all of whom were broadcasted globally on channels BBC, CNN, Reuters, and TVE.

Books: Claudio Ranieri: T(h)inkerman


Ilona E. Gerling is a university lecturer at the German Sports University in Cologne. She has worked in gymnastics for many years as a teacher and as a club coach.

Books: Ultimate Parkour & Freerunning


Misia Gervis, PhD, is a chartered psychologist and postgraduate programs director at Brunel University. She has been a senior consultant sport psychologist to the FA (English football association) since 2002 and founding member of the British Olympic Association Psychology Advisory Group. Dr. Gervis was the sport psychologist to the English women’s senior national soccer team.

Books: Coach’s Guide to Mind Mapping

GLEESON, Michael

Michael Gleeson is Emeritus Professor of Exercise Biochemistry in the School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences at Loughborough University (UK). He is a world authority on exercise biochemistry, immunology, and nutrition.

He has published over 250 scientific papers, 30 book chapters, and has co-authored textbooks on exercise metabolism, exercise immunology, and sport nutrition.

He is the former president of the International Society of Exercise and Immunology and a Fellow of the European College of Sport Science and the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences. He has been a member of several IOC expert groups and contributed to scientific consensus papers on the overtraining syndrome, training load and illness/injury risk, sport nutrition, immunonutrition, and exercise and immune function. He has provided advice on minimizing risks of infection and

nutritional strategies to improve performance and maintain health for numerous professional sports clubs and organizations, including the English Institute of Sport and several English premier league football clubs, including Leicester City FC (the 5000-1 outsiders that won the premier league title in 2016).

Following his retirement in 2016 at the age of 60, he has turned his attention to how ordinary people can achieve optimal health and live healthier for longer. Michael lives in Burbage, Leicestershire, with his wife, Laura.

Books: Eat, Move, Sleep, Repeat: Diet & Fitness for Living Long & Health; Beating Type 2 Diabetes

Twitter: @profmikegleeson

Facebook: @Professor Michael Gleeson



GREWE, Felix

Felix Grew was born in 1985 in Hamburg, where he still lives today. He studied sports journalism and sports management and was a reporter for the trade magazine tennis MAGAZIN for many years. Today he heads the media and public relations work at the DTB (German Tennis Federation). Grewe is a tennis and fitness expert and puts Diehl’s exercises and methods into words. Of course, he also trains regularly using Diehl’s methods.

Books: Fit. Strong. Lean.: Build Your Best Circuit Training Plan;
My Fitness Journal


Karin Hertzer is a health journalist, PR consultant, and author. She has been engaged in several books and a number of publications, has successfully run the PR for the Fascial Fitness Association and closely works together with Divo Mueller and Robert Schleip, PhD. 

Books: Train Your Fascia Tone Your Body

HOELLER, Juergen

Juergen Hoeller holds a diploma as Sports Instructor and Therapist as well as a diploma in Sports Training. He holds a trainer C license in boxing as well as possessing a 3rd Dan in Taekwondo, a 3rd Dan in Ashihara Karate, a 3rd Dan in Jujitsu as well as further black belts in Judo and Combat Hapkido. He is a lecturer on courses at home and abroad as well as acting as instructor on Trainer courses for various sports unions . He is a holder of the Bronze Order of Merit for the German Taekwondo Union.

Books: The Secrets of Kyusho


Dr. James Hoffmann holds a PhD in Sport Physiology and is a consultant for Renaissance Periodization

Book: The Renaissance Diet 2.0



Ben Holden has managed award-winning Learn to Swim programs and pioneered low buoyancy swimming equipment through the revolutionary Bolsta kickboard.

He holds a bachelor of Sport Science, with an emphasis on swimming, and has collaborated with the industry and a host of international swimming coaches.

Book: Learn to Swim, Helping Parents Teach their Baby to Swim


Scott Howell, MD, PhD, is the international director of the Tudor Bompa Institute. His current research involves inpatient morbidity and mortality associated with androgens. He educates sports professionals on applied periodization theory and methodology and is a recipient of the APU Academic Scholar Achievement Award.

Book: Integrated Periodization in Sports Training & Athletic Development: Combining Training Methodology, Sports Psychology, and Nutrition to Optimize Performance


Peter Hyballa is a soccer coach certified by the German Football Association (DFB). He also holds the UEFA Pro Licence. He was manager of Alemannia Aachen and Sturm Graz and is currently training the U19 team of Bayer Leverkusen. He was German U19 league runner-up and German U19 Cup runner-up with Borussia Dortmund in 2009. Peter Hyballa gives advanced training for soccer coaches in Germany and abroad. In addition, he is a freelance author for online seminars, training DVDs, and for the DFB journal fussballtraining.

Books: German Soccer Passing Drills, Soccer: Functional Fitness Training


Dr. Mike Israetel holds a PhD in Sport Physiology and is currently the head science consultant for Renaissance Periodization.

Renaissance Periodization is a training and diet services company for world-class athletes with more than 430,000 followers.

Book: The Renaissance Diet 2.0



Artur Jacomet qualified as a physiotherapist in 1991, subsequently completing a postgraduate course in osteopathy. He has taught for many years at La Escuela Universitaria de Fisioterapia de Salt in Girona, Spain, where he also has lectured in specialized courses at graduate level. Artur currently combines his clinical practice with university teaching.

Books: Anatomy & Massage

JANKA, Claus

Claus Janka was a successful long-time association coach for the German Fencing Federation in former East Germany. He was a category A international umpire, served as president of the FIE’s promotion committee and the FIE’s Fencing Officials Commission.

Book: The Complete Guide to Fencing


Timo Jankowski holds the UEFA A License and is Life Kinetic and Functional Fitness trainer. Following his jobs as coach of the German Football Association as well as of the U16 of Grasshoppers Zurich, Jankowski currently trains the U16 team of FC Aarau. In addition, he runs a sports center with a hotel and soccer school. 

Books: Successful German Soccer Tactics


Asker Jeukendrup is a Professor of Exercise Metabolism at the university of Birmingham. He is the director of the Human Performance Laboratory, heading the Exercise Metabolism Research Group and the Exercise and Nutrition theme within the Center for Obesity Research. Asker has published over 150 papers and book chapters in his career and has published four books, including a textbook on Sports Nutrition.

Book: Sports Nutrition – From Lab to Kitchen

JORGENSEN, Elizabeth

Elizabeth Jorgensen is a Wisconsin high school English teacher published in Azalea (Harvard University), The Wisconsin English Journal, and The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Named Carroll University’s Graduate of the Last Decade, she presents at conferences including National Council of Teachers of English, Wisconsin State Reading Association, and National Consortium for Teaching about Asia. When she’s not teaching or writing, she can be found working out, watching Bravo with her dog, or playing violin.

Book: Go, Gwen, Go


Nancy Jorgensen has co-written two choral education books, Things They Never Taught You In Choral Methods and From The Trenches: Real Insights From Real Choral Educators. She recently retired after 35 years teaching choral music in Wisconsin and now writes, pursues collaborative piano opportunities, and spends time with daughters Elizabeth and Gwen and grandson Stanley. Her writing appears or is forthcoming in Prime Number Magazine, Smith Magazine, Cagibi, and Coffin Bell.

Book: Go, Gwen, Go

JOZSA, Frank P.

A former college and semiprofessional athlete with an undergraduate degree in accounting and master’s degrees in business administration and economics, and also a doctorate in economics, Frank P. Jozsa Jr. is the author of several books on team sports in professional baseball, basketball, and football, and others on intercollegiate sports programs and the role and progress of male and female student athletes on campuses of American colleges and universities. His memoir, A Hoosier’s Journey: Athlete, Student, Teacher, and Author was published in 2011.

Jozsa has also written several articles published in journals, magazines, and newspapers. His dissertation–“An Economic Analysis of Franchise Relocation and League Expansion in Professional Team Sports, 1950-1975”–was completed in 1977 at Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia. After teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in business administration, economics, finance, and statistics for more than three decades, Jozsa retired from Pfeiffer University in 2007.

Book: The Making of Modern Baseball