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The Secret of Cycling

Published Date: May 28, 2019

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Secret of Cycling: Maximum Performance Gains Through Effective Power Metering and Training analysis.
How much power does your human engine have? How much power do you need for cycling in different conditions? How can you optimize your training and racing performance? How can you use power meters to improve your results? What are the ultimate limits of human performance? The Secret of Cycling answers all of these questions. All factors determining the performance in cycling are explained step by step: training, nutrition, body weight, bike weight, wheels, frame, aerobars, power meters, wind, hills, temperature, the world hour record and much more. Many graphs, tables and examples from practice make it very easy to understand for the reader. Get 20% fitter, healthier and faster! This title also contains brand new insights on how the balance of the power of your human engine and the power requirement for cycling in different conditions determines your performance. It shows how power meters can be used to optimize your training and your race result. The Secret of Cycling can be considered the ultimate textbook for all serious cyclists and their coaches.


Hunter Allen, Legendary Coach and Co-developer of TrainingPeaks WKO+ software “When Dr. Coggan and I wrote Training and Racing with a Power Meter, there were some very elite coaches that took this information and became experts around the world. The authors of this book are such experts. They used the laws of nature to describe and calculate the performance in running as well as in cycling. This book will help to take your cycling to the next level and the concepts written inside are foundations to creating success. ”

Asker Jeukendrup, Sports Nutrition Scientist, Professor of Exercise Science “One of the best books about endurance performance I have ever seen, with an evidence based analytical approach to performance in cycling. The many practical examples make it easy for the reader to understand and apply this to improve their own performance. The breakthrough of power meters is analyzed critically, including the possibilities to increase cycling economy and cycling performance.”

Maria Hopman, Professor of Integrative Physiology, Radboud University, Nijmegen “I like the quantitative approach to the physics and physiology of cycling in this book. I feel this is important to understand and improve the performance in sports. I believe this book will help coaches and cyclists as theory and practice are combined in a highly understandable way.”

Author information

Hans van Dijk is a lifelong runner and scientist. After retiring from his professorship at Delft University of Technology, he has been studying the laws of running and cycling, developing new concepts and models and writing books and columns on running, cycling and other endurance sports. He has developed the running and cycling calculators, enabling the readers to analyze and calculate their own performances.

Ron van Megen is a lifelong runner, engineer and managing director. He is keen on quantifying his results and on using all new technologies, including power meters. He has taken many of the photographs in the book.

Guido Vroemen is a cyclist and triathlete and a sports physician. He is the team doctor and coach of the Dutch Pro-Continental Cycling Team Roompot-Nederlandse Loterij. He is the owner of a Sports Medical and Performance Centre and combines this with many training and coaching activities (several elite cyclists, Ironman triathletes, the Dutch Triathlon Association). His expertise is in the field of exercise physiology and also in training and racing with power meters.

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    “The Secret of Cycling – Maximum Performance Gains Through Effective Power Metering and Training Analysis- can be considered the ultimate textbook for all serious cyclists and their coaches.”

    Cycling – 2021

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