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The Pick ‘n Mix Diet: Choose from 10 Proven Diets to Reach Your Goal in 10 Weeks – A Healthy Lifestyle Guidebook

Published Date: October 12, 2020

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So often people equate being slim with being healthy, and with so many people searching for ways to lose weight, dieting books are in abundance. But so few of these books actually back their information with scientific research and proven weight-loss methods, instead relying on celebrity to sell the latest fad. Often these books do little to help people achieve their weight-loss goals, leading to frustration and even excess weight gain. That’s where The Pick ‘n Mix Diet comes in! This book will help the reader lose weight by using a very different approach from other diet and nutrition books.

Unlike those books, the weight-loss plan presented here doesn’t require sticking to the same boring diet for several months, but rather incorporates 10 different diets that can be changed every week. These diets include reduced carb, reduced fat, high protein, low energy density, and various intermittent fasting diets-all backed by scientific evidence. By picking and mixing various diets, readers will prevent dieting boredom, have fewer cravings, and will be more likely to stick to their weight-loss plans. More importantly, the variety will ensure there are no nutrient deficiencies. In addition, the diets are combined with light to moderate exercise so that the reader will only lose fat, not lean muscle. Sticking to one boring diet for weeks on end is not the way to lose weight. Rather, this novel but evidence-based approach to weight loss is guaranteed to be effective, healthy, and safe. With The Pick ‘n Mix Diet, the reader will achieve any weight-loss goal!


Author information

Michael Gleeson is Emeritus Professor of Exercise Biochemistry at Loughborough University. He retired in 2016 after 40 years of research and teaching mostly related to the diet, metabolism, health and performance of athletes. He had a particular interest in the effects of diet and exercise on the function of the immune system and is a Past-President of the International Society of Exercise and Immunology (ISEI).


He has co-authored several books on exercise biochemistry, sport nutrition and exercise immunology and published over 200 research papers in scientific and medical journals. He is still an active science writer and in the past few years has contributed to international expert consensus reviews sponsored by the IOC (training load and illness risk), ISEI (immuno-nutrition) and UEFA (nutrition in elite football) as well as completing the 3rd edition of his highly popular book Sport Nutrition co-authored with Professor Asker Jeukendrup.


In 2020 he is releasing his first solo books: Eat, Move, Sleep, Repeat (January), Beating Type 2 Diabetes (April) and The Pick’n’Mix Diet Loss Plan (December). These are a series of healthy lifestyle guidebooks that have been written for the benefit of public health. They are not academic books and the intended audience is any reasonably intelligent person with an interest in nutrition, exercise, fitness, weight loss or health.


Gleeson is considered a world authority on exercise biochemistry, immunology, and nutrition, and he has worked with numerous world-class athletes and professional football clubs. He has taught sport nutrition at the university level and has published several books and over 250 scientific articles in scientific and medical journals. Gleeson is a fellow of the the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences and the European College of Sport Science and a member of the American College of Sports Medicine, and the Physiological Society. He enjoys playing tennis, hill walking, and watching football and films.


Gleeson has his own personal website “prof4health” with lots of information about his books plus blogs, photos and videos on topics in sport science, football, nutrition, fitness and health. Here is the link:


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