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Dungeons and Workouts: From Weak & Meek to Buff and Tough – The Ultimate Fitness Training For Every Gamer

Published Date: June 7, 2019

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17.8 x 1.3 x 25.4 cm


Roleplaying meets fitness-A unique combination! A world of heroes and adventures beckons-a world in which the reader’s own power and fitness is crucial to defeat his or her opponents. The journey will lead readers through medieval towns, a marshy swamp, and a dark dungeon-though this time, they must complete tough workouts to advance to the next level. Not only will readers defeat shady characters in the world of Dungeons & Workouts, they’ll also become more fit in the real world!

Dungeons & Workouts takes all aspects that gamers love about their games-XP, level ups, side quests, and bosses-and puts them into a training book. The best part, though, is that the hero also becomes physically stronger with each level up. In Dungeons & Workouts, Rocket Beans fitness master Gino Singh expertly combines roleplaying and fitness. The various exercises in each chapter will gradually become more difficult. To move up to the next level-or chapter-the boss must be defeated. Character creation is done through an initial fitness test to determine level of difficulty. Only by exercising and increasing their strength can readers then move up to the next level!

Author information

Gino Singh is a sports scientist and has been working for Rocket Beans TV as a freelancer and presenter. As a personal trainer, he knows what it takes to become fit and gives the Rocket Beans community an understanding of sports-science content in the Rocket Beans series Beat Yesterday. Co-authors are Hauke Gerdes, Matthias Ralf, and Kai Kistenmacher.

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