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Meyer & Meyer Sport, The Sports Publisher, is Europe's leading specialist sports publishing house. With a list of more than 2,000 titles our range of products includes sports handbooks, practical how-to guides, self improvement manuals through to biographies, the inspirational, and the fun.

Rugby through to gymnastics, running through to fencing, martial arts to cycling, table tennis to football - we've got it covered.

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'I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Fascinating and inspiring.' ULTRA MARATHON MOM: FROM THE SAHARA TO THE ARCTIC - Amazon reviewer Another great book by Dudney containing clues to mindfulness during running but also heavily peppered with intense anecdotes from the author's direct running experiences. The anecdotal sections reinforce the philosophy, in fact they provide the necessary foundation upon which it is built. THE MINDFUL RUNNER: FINDING YOUR INNER FOCUS - Amazon reviewer

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