About us

About us

Meyer & Meyer The Sports Publisher – is Europe’s leading specialist sports publishing house.

Founded in 1984, in Aachen, Germany, it is widely accepted as one of the best sports publishers in the world.

Meyer & Meyer is renowned for the quality of its product and its authors – many are leading figures and experts within their respective fields.

With a list of more than 2,000 titles in both English and German, the company provides a range of products that include handbooks, practical how-to guides and self improvement manuals through to biographies, the inspirational and the fun. Meyer & Meyer is also home to numerous prestigious academic books, journals and theses in the field of Sports Science.

Within the UK, Meyer & Meyer is represented through Meyer & Meyer Sports (UK). It also has an international network of distributors in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, USA, South East Asia, U.A.E, Egypt, Lebanon and Iran. You can explore Meyer & Meyer’s parent German website here.